Theroch I Apartments


Project Name: Theroch I Apartments
Location: Boston, MA
Owner: MHFA
Architect: Domenech Hicks & Krockmalnic
Scope: Renovation and rehabilitation of the Theroch I residential housing development consisting of approximately 77 dwelling units in five buildings, including but not limited to, all related demolition, site work, utility connections and security.  The project required extensive additional structural and abatement work throughout the buildings that had to be completed within tight time constraints, because of tenant relocations.


chris_sullivan_Bilt-Rite“Theroch I is part of the HUD / Mass Housing Demonstration Disposition program “Demo Dispo” which rehabilitated 1850 units in 11 Developments at a cost of $276 million. One key goal of this program was to empower residents to control their own homes.

The Tenant Association for each project was an active participant in the renovation. This one-of-a-kind program helped Tenant Associations take on the challenge of creating affordable housing.

Bilt-Rite had previously completed a $10 million renovation of 89 units in 10 buildings (Franklin Park II) which made us a good choice for this Project. The initial contractor’s bonding company asked us to bid on the completion of the remaining 77 units. With funds coming from the owner and the bonding company, managing the documentation –one of our strengths–was critical.

Tenants were in temporary housing, so we had to work quickly to finish and get them back into their units. The work was completed in three phases in coordination with the owner’s relocation team.

Some of the challenges of the work involved correcting major structural deficiencies, substantial asbestos abatement, coordinating new mechanical systems into small existing areas, and increasing manpower while maintaining ratios for resident and minority workers.”



…I highly recommend Bilt-Rite Construction for their diligence, work ethic, positive attidue, and most importantly, their ability to deliver an end product that reflect a high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. They performed above and beyond their responsibilities…–

–Fernando J. Domenech Jr., President Domemench Hicks & Krockmalnic, Architects


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