Brookline Public Safety


Project Name: Brookline Public Safety
Location: Brookline, MA
Owner: Town of Brookline, MA
Architect: Donham & Sweeney Architects
Scope: Renovations and additions to two existing 2 and 3 story buildings (Firehouse and Police Station).  The total area of the finished project is 48,000 sq. ft.  Work included site utilities and site improvements within the project site.


John_sullivan_Bilt-Rite“The site had many challenges, including the removal of old granite foundation walls adjacent to the sidewalks, poor soil conditions requiring additional excavation/backfill, hazardous soils removal, ledge removal and a major dewatering operation.

The objective was to build a high efficient, low maintenance building that enhances the neighborhood on a very tight budget. The exterior façade makes a statement of what this project is about with its combination of brick veneer, metal panels systems and fiber cement siding.

The entire project is built for the long term, as evidenced by the durability of the products and its energy efficient design, of paramount importance in any project built today. The interior is inviting with excellent circulation and the building is equipped with many safety features, including an emergency generator.

Finally, Bloomfield Gardens was constructed by many local M/WBE businesses and subcontractor workforces which utilized a high percentage of Boston residents, minority and female workers, an example of Bilt-Rite’s commitment to promoting a diverse workforce and providing meaningful and lasting benefits to the communities in which we work”.



“…to Bilt-Rite’s lasting credit, they approached both projects like a contractor doing private work, not a typical public construction contractor. They performed on time. They were service and quality oriented. They worked to satisfy the client and the architect.”

–Brett Donham, Principal
Donham & Sweeney Inc. — Architects


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