The Modern


Project Name: The Modern
Location: Boston, MA
Owner: SoCo Lofts, LLC
Architect: Domenech Hicks & Krockmalnic
Scope: New construction of 25 contemporary one and two bedroom loft spaces, 6 story steel framed building + penthouse. The total building area is 36,000 sq. ft. The garage had tandem lifts parking spaces on the 1st Floor.


“Each job has its challenges. This one had several. First, we had a tight budget and worked extensively in meetings with the developer and architect to get it right. It was a major achievement to hold the budget throughout construction, even as the scope was revised to meet marketing needs.

The site itself was cramped and complicated. Concrete caissons and grade beams with a structural slab were needed to support the six story steel structure in soil conditions that are typical in Boston’s South End. The main street was a maze of utilities that required rerouting of the main utility lines from the building, which is what you sometimes are faced with in Boston.

Being surrounded by streets on three sides, with the remaining side occupied by a used car lot, added to the challenge. Keeping pedestrians safe required detailed scheduling of all steel erection, concrete placement and exterior envelope construction.

But what a great project – the 360 degree view of the Boston skyline are exceptional!”



“We have found them to be an outstanding general contractor. They have always brought to the projects a spirit of cooperation and a sense of decency rarely matched by others. Bilt-Rite has been a key player from inception in helping shape projects to assure they are built within budgets…”

–Fernando J. Domenech Jr., President Domemench Hicks & Krockmalnic, Architects


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