Neighborhood House Charter School


Project Name: Neighborhood House Charter School
Location: Boston, MA
Owner: Neighborhood Charter School Foundation
Architect: HMFH Architects
Scope: Construction of a Charter School building, including demolition and removal of portion of existing building (including abatement), construction of a new addition and extensive renovation of existing building.


“We adapted a former nursing home into a PK-8 charter school that combines education with social services, as well as adult education in off-hours.

This meant completely demolishing some wings and gutting the rest of the structure, reconfiguring the entire interior including core stairs and adding an elevator.

We constructed a three-story steel frame with brick veneer addition to create additional classroom space on the street side, which became the focal point of the building.
The site is in a residential neighborhood, so we needed to establish good relations, coordinating work to minimize noise and dust.

A distinctive feature of this structure is the original precast stone exterior elevation that became part of the interior atrium at the new addition.

It’s great to see that the school finally has a state-of-the-art facility to match the high performance goals that this administration expects from their staff and students, and to see the positive impact the project has had on a lot of people.”



“We are grateful to you and your entire staff for their commitment to excellence in executing our project. We now have a first class school campus…”

— Kevin T. Andrews, Headmaster


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